Okeechobee's Premiere Indoor Shooting Experience

The live fire range is open for private groups of 1 to 8 people -- $149.99 per hour

By appointment only -- Advance notice required

Ask staff for more details

Live Fire Shooting Experience
Range Overview
Our range backstops are capable of stopping any hand gun or shotgun ammunition. Rifles up to but not including .50 BMG. Bring your AR15, AR10, AK47, .308, .338 Lapua, 7mm and all the rest!

Our backstops are made with granular rubber which encapsulates the projectile and stops it in it's tracks. Conventional steel backstops will cause the projectile to smash and expose lead to the air system. Using the rubber bullet trap eliminates almost all of the lead exposure from the projectile, while also making the range much more quiet.

Rapid fire is allowed on the ranges as long as you can control your shots. We also allow full auto firearms as long as you can maintain proper control of your muzzle.

The state of the art target retrieval system allows you to send your target to any distance up to 25 yards. You control your target on your lane. There is no need to wait for a cease fire to change or move your target. Use our pre-programmed settings, or enter your own distance. The onboard call button allows us to know when you need assistance. There is no need to leave your lane to get the attention of our range officers. Press the button and we will come to you.

The touch screen tablet driven system installed on each lane tells you how much time you have left for your shooting experience. We have also pre-loaded many help files for easy access such as how to hold your fire arm, pointers on shooting, etc. You can also extend your shooting time, order more ammunition and targets to be delivered to your lane and many other features. There is no need to waste your valuable shooting time waiting at the cash register when you can simply touch a button.
Ventilation Systems
When shooting indoors you want to be comfortable and breathe clean fresh air. Our air conditioning and air flow systems circulate the air in each range thru multi-stage HEPA filtration systems. The air turn over rate is about 80 seconds per change ensuring a smooth flow of clean, filtered air at all times.

Each range features a 35 ton condenser where the air is brought in from outside, cooled and dehumidified before it enters the range. This ensures little moisture enters the range and plenty of fresh air is injected into the environment. System monitors are in place to detect any change in the preset levels of operation to ensure a cool, comfortable and safe air flow.
Range Safety
Safety First! Please read all the range rules to ensure a safe and fun experience.

For the safety of our staff and customers, each range system will have at least (1) Range Safety Officer (RSO) at all times to ensure that all shooters are acting in a safe and proper fashion while on the firing line. The RSO is there to help you with any problems that may occur in the range. If you are unclear on anything, please feel free to ask us for assistance. The RSO is there to monitor all shooters activity to ensure a safe environment. If you see anything that appears unsafe or another shooters activity appears unsafe, please advise an RSO immediately.

Need help clearing a jammed firearm? Let us know. We are there to help! We are there to ensure that the range is a safe shooting environment for everyone, no matter your shooting skill level.