Okeechobee's Premiere Indoor Shooting Experience

Simulation Shooting Experiences
Tired of the same old live fire shooting at a stationary target? Burning ammunition at a stationary target can add up fast.

Live fire shooting has it's advantages however there are even better ways to train and put your skills to the test!

Training simulators provide an extra level of shooting fun and training that standard target shooting can't provide. Our facility features 7 simulation rooms for training of civilians and law enforcement. We offer hundreds of interactive multiplayer games, skill builders, zombie shoots, wild west shootouts, hunting scenarios and so much more!

Interested in practical shooting skills such as IDPA, IPSC or Steel Challenge? We've got you covered. Use our training systems to shoot all of your favorite scenarios to boost your skill level at your next competition match! Best of all you can shoot with out the need of live fire ammuntition using our precise laser systems, the same systems that law enforcement train with on a daily basis. Accurate and precise shots are detected on the large 14ft wide screens in the comfort of our climate controlled facility.

Concealed weapons holders can benefit greatly by using these systems. There are scenarios designed for the permit holders in mind. Using the skill builder drills will better your shooting skills and accuracy in the event you need to draw your weapon in a real life situation.

Click the links below to preview the systems we offer below:

SimRange Simulators
TI Training Simulators
SimHunt Simulators