Okeechobee's Premiere Indoor Shooting Experience

Rabbit Hunter

Head out to the fields on a rabbit hunt. Accurately shoot as many rabbits as you can in the allotted game time to achieve a high score.

Flooded Timbers

Hunt for mallards in the Flooded Timbers of Arkansas. Try to bag as many ducks as you can while you hone your skills for accuracy, speed, and eye coordination to flying mallards.

Full Boar

Test your skills as you shoot wild boar running through the snowy forest at multiple rates of speed and sizes of wild boar.

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Extreme Squirrel Hunter

Shoot squirrels and acorns to earn points in this very popular Laser Shot game. Points are multiplied when squirrels or acorns are hit without missing. Acorns hit earn 3-10 times more than the squirrels. The golden acorns are worth the most. Squirrels that are shot after eating acorns turn into angels and fly away.

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Rio Round-up

Hunt in the brush of the Rio Grande in west Texas for wild turkeys. See how quick you can make a high score.

Prairie Dog Hunt

Hunt prairie dogs as they pop out of their holes and run across the the range.

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Bear Hunter

Select a geographic region to hunt either black bears or grizzly bears. This game can be played in either "Arcade" mode or "Hunt" mode.

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Endless Easterns

Hunt in the east of the Mississippi River of the thick pine, snowy forest. Bag that 30 pounder for Thanksgiving Dinner with the first Thanksgiving Bird! Hear him gobble and shoot fast! Test your speed and analytical skills.

Osceola Outbreak

Hunt for the infamous Osceola's in the wilds of Florida. He may be the toughest species to call in, but this turkey is quick to get away, and there are so many! Bag as many as you can and watch your score.

Roe Deer Hunter

Adventure out to the woods in Roe Deer Hunter for an experience of a lifetime. Choose to play in arcade mode to practice accuracy or watch out for doe and fawn in hunt mode.

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Dove Hunter

Hunt at dawn and dusk by the maize fields in Dove Hunter. With only three shots per round and five rounds, try to shoot your way to a high score. As your skills advance, increase the number of dove per hunt and the speed of the dove.

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Gobblin' Goulds

Can you find the wild turkey in the thick brush of Mexico? Bag that turkey quick or you will lose your score. Heighten your awareness and speed with this entertaining game.

Pheasant Hunt

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable pheasant hunt in Europe. Customize the hunt to be more challenging by adjusting several features that include: number of rounds, speed of pheasants, and tower distance.

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Hunting Targets

Practice your skills with hunting targets while being able to select: target speed, bullet type, target depth, cut-out type, show hit indicator, wind direction, and wind speed.

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Wild Turkey Shooting Gallery

In the Wild West Shooting Gallery, the objective is to hit as many high point targets as possible in sixty seconds to achieve a high score. This is a fun and entertaining arcade like game.

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Partridge Hunter

Practice your bird hunting skills with Partridge Hunter as they fly though the air or lurk in the brush.

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Midway Mallard

This is a carnival like shooting gallery game that is filled with plenty of fun targets.

Mallard Madness

It's madness with so many mallards. This is a challenging duck hunting game that presents mallards approaching from all directions. Practice distance and speed skills with this entertaing game.

Mallard Hunt

Catch them if you can as the mallards increase speed while flying over the lake marsh. Hone in on your hunting skills with this entertaining game.

Merriam Madness

Explore a fun turkey hunt in the western region of the United States.