Okeechobee's Premiere Indoor Shooting Experience

The Saloon

The Wild West wasn't won in a day! With this entertaining game you can "knock the dust off your pistol." Watch the outlaws pop in and out of windows with lots of surprises.

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The Pirate Ship

This is an entertaining game with lots of surprises and rascally pirates. Test and increase your speed skills while having fun on The Pirate Ship!

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Air Assault

The country of Germany is under assault and it is up to you to save it. Gun down enemy aircrafts before they take over.

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Hogan's Alley X

Hogans Alley X is a reboot on Laser Shot's original Hogan's Alley game. Set in at an abandoned house, characters pop out from the roof, windows, and doors to engage as threats.

Test your reaction time and coordination with this video-based skills training simulation.

Dart Duel 4 Pack

Challenge your friends in Dart Duel. Play all four different game types: 01's, Cricket, Head to Head and Shanghai and stake your claim as champion of the dart board.