Okeechobee's Premiere Indoor Shooting Experience

Target Shootin'

This fast-paced action game challenges with increasing speed, shoot / no-shoots and decision making. Each stage presents increasing difficulty with the opportunities for bonus targets while always keeping the shooter on their toes with varying skills being tested. Try to beat all 20 levels on easy and normal mode. This game is VERY addicting!

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Skill Drills Volume 1

Set of 10 combat skill engagement drills including:
  • Controlled Pairs Drill
  • Head To Head Drill
  • Hostage Drill
  • Marksmanship Drill
  • Matched Colors Drill
  • Matched Target Drill
  • Moving Target Drill
  • Quick Skill Drill
  • Time Reduction Drill
  • Transitional Drill

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Skill Drills Volume 2

Set of 9 combat skills engagement drills including:
  • Charging Drill
  • Dueling Tree
  • Lateral Thinking Drill
  • Marksmanship Trainer
  • Matched Colors Drill 2
  • Speed Drill
  • Threat Detection Drill
  • Timing Trainer
  • Reaction Tree Drill

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Skill Drills Volume 3

Skill Drills courseware was created and tested with the guidance of active military and law enforcement professionals. Skill Drills includes various training drills that focus on the improvement of timing, accuracy, aiming, and critical eye and hand coordination skills. Skill Drills Volume 3 integrates ten new, separate training drills into an intuitive user interface. Supporting multiple, simultaneous and independent training lanes, each of the drills comes with straight-forward instructions including AAR.
  • 4567 Drill
  • Acceleration Drill
  • Bullseye National Match
  • Demi Presidente
  • Vice Presidente
  • El Presidente
  • X Drill
  • F.A.S.T. Drill
  • Receding Bullseye
  • Pyramid Drill

Reaction Plates

Quick thinking is the name of the game. Targets flip over and must be shot quickly for the best score. Add no-shoot targets or decrease size for added difficulty.

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